Strategy Card Game AI Competitions 2019

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Strategy Card Game AI Competitions

I participated to two competitions these months

These competitions, organized by Jakub Kowalski and Radosław Miernik, take the same base game as Legends of Code and Magic but on the newest version LOCM 1.2. There are now two lanes instead of one. It adds a little more complexity as there are more choices for the monsters’ placement.

My agent

I used more or less the same version of my bot described in this article. It is a tree search-based AI written in C++. The code source of the AI is available in Github.


CEC 2019

resultgraph_cec My bot ranked first, beating all agents by a large margin.

Details of the results:

COG 2019


A fork of my bot with “smarter” drafting was called “ProphetCoac”, but my original one finished first again.

Details of the results:

Next Competitions

There will be in 2020 another contest, probably I will submit my bot again. But depending on my interest and time, if I will add improvements to my existing version or not, we will see :)

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