Advent of code 2019 using Nim

Dec 7, 2019 20:46 · 391 words · 2 minute read programming

At the end of this 2019 year, some may have some free time. If working in a company, taking days off to visit family and friends, or being a student and have some weeks to study before exams… What can we do if you have nothing to do? If you have no plans to travel, so most of your time staying in your home town, seeing some friends, going to restaurants, parties… But it is not enough to occupy the entire time. You can still, of course, watch movies (I just discovered Michael Mann, Collateral and Heat, very nice), TV shows (the Silicon Valley end season is awesome), read books (Permanent Record), or play video games (SSBU for the win). But if you are motivated, you can find some fun projects to do, learning some new stuff. Me, I just discovered the Advent of code.

Advent of code

Advent of code is inspired from the famous advent calendar, that any child had one in December to wait the ultimate day of Christmas. But in this case, instead of chocolate, you get coding problems to solve every day. What a great opportunity to practice problem solving and learn a new language!

Nim programming language

I choose to use the Nim programming language. This language seems to be a good candidate to use when we need fast execution time. It can be nice to have it in our toolkit. I do not know a lot about this language, I will see it when solving the coding problems.

You can find my work in progress solutions in this repository


Advent of code provides also a ranking system, based on how fast you submit a working solution. However, as I am not a competitive programming expert, I did not plan to compete for the rank. Moreover, the problems are released each day at a certain time, so it can be bedtime depending on your location. But I will be happy if I can find the solution by myself, even if I am the last to submit, at least, I will make my brain working a bit.

I hope I will have time to finish it, if it is not the case, my time got hacked by another project or procrastination.

Anyway, I wish you a nice festive season, see you all in 2020.

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